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Republic Day is an important day for the people of India, so we are celebrating it on January 26, 1950 every year. Come, through this essay, make our children aware about the history associated with it. These are written in very simple words, which will be able to easily understand the children, and it will be available on the Internet for different purposes with the word boundaries. Here you can find some essays on republic day in English language for 100 words, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 words.

Essay 1 on Republic Day (100 words)

January 26, 1950, is celebrated every year with great fanfare this year, because India's constitution came into existence on this day. On this special day of January 26, 1950, the Indian Constitution replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as government documents. This day has been declared a national holiday by the Government of India. People of India celebrate this great day in their own way. On this day, parade is organized on the Rajpath (India Gate) of New Delhi in front of the President of India.

Essay 2 on Republic Day (150 words)

Since India first achieved its constitution, since January 26, 1950, India is celebrating Republic Day every year. Republic Day is very important in Indian history because it tells us about every struggle with freedom. On the same day in 1930, those who fought for India's independence had given this undertaking in Lahore with Ravi river to get the complete independence of India (Full Swaraj). Which was correct on August 15, 1947

On January 26, 1950, our country was declared a universal, secular, socialist and democratic Republic, that is, the rule of India itself, no external power would rule over it. With this announcement, the flag was hoisted by the President of India on the Rajpath of Delhi, along with the parade and a celebration in whole of India with the national anthem.

Essay 3 on Republic Day (200 words)

Republic Day is also called on 26th January which is celebrated every year. This day matters to every Indian because on this day India was declared a Republican country and at the same time, after the long struggle of independence, the 'Constitution' was received. India became independent on August 15, 1947 and after half a year it was established as a democratic republic.

After the independence, on 28 August 1947, a draft committee was asked to draft the constitution of India's permanent constitution. On November 4, 1947, the draft of the Indian Constitution was dated. In the house under the chairmanship of BR Ambedkar. It took almost three years to fully prepare, and finally, with the implementation of the clock awaiting the end of January 26, 1950, the promise of complete Swaraj was also honored.

In India, Republic Day is celebrated as a national holiday, when people celebrate this great day in their own way, such as watching news, participating in school discussions, or any competition related to India's independence Participation in. e.t.c. On this day, a big program is being organized by the Indian government on the new government's Rajpath, where the President of India is organized on the Indian flag after the inauguration of the parrot cannon and after the national anthem.

Essay 4 on Republic Day (250 words)

Every year India celebrates its Republic Day every year on 26th January as the Constitution of India came into force on this day. We celebrate this as a national festival and this day has been declared a national holiday. Apart from this, Gandhi Jayanti and Independence Day have also been declared a national holiday. On January 26, 1950, after the Indian Constitution was enacted, our country became a democratically republican country.

On this great day, a great parade is done by the Indian Army, which generally starts from Vijay Chowk and ends at India Gate. During this time, the President is given with the display of state-of-the-art weapons and tanks by three Indian Army (land, water and navel), which is a symbol of our national power. After the army parade, all the states of the country are presenting their culture and traditions through the glance. After this, like the colors of our national flag (saffron, white and green) by the Indian Air Force, rain like a rain from the sky.

On this day students celebrate this festival by performing various activities while performing parade, sports, drama, speech, dance, singing, essay writing, social campaigns, playing the role of freedom fighters in schools on this day. Every Indian should pledge to make and make their country peaceful on this day. And finally each student goes home happily with sweets and snacks.

Essay 5 on Republic Day (300 words)

Every year in India, January 26 is known as Republic Day which is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the people of India. It is celebrated to give importance to the importance of being a universal democratic republic, which was declared on 26th January 1950 after the implementation of the Constitution of India. It is celebrated with the British rule to remember the historic independence of India. Gazetted holiday has been declared by the Indian government all over the country on this day. This is celebrated by students in schools, colleges and educational institutions throughout the year.

The Government of India organizes a program every year in National Capital, New Delhi, where a special parade is organized at India Gate. In the morning, people are gathering on the Rajpath to see this great event. In it, three armies begin their parade from Vijay Chowk, in which various types of weapons and ammunition are also done. Army bands, NCC cadets and police forces display their art through various arts. In the states, this festival is celebrated very well in the presence of the Governor.

To show the existence of "unity in diversity" after independence in India, different states of the country also display their culture, traditions and progress through special prayers. Public dances are presented by people by singing, dance and instrumental instruments. At the end of the program, flowers of three colors (kesar, white and green) are done by the Air Force, which displays the national flag in the sky. To show peace, there are some colorful balloons left in the sky.

Essay 6 on Republic Day (400 words)

Our Mother India was the slave of the British rule, during which the Indian people had compelled to comply with the laws made by the British rule, after the long struggle by the Indian freedom fighters, India attained independence on August 15, 1947. Sixteen years later, India implemented its constitution and declared itself as a democratic republic. About 2 years 11 months and 18 days on January 26, 1950, our Parliament passed the Indian Constitution. With the declaration of itself as a sovereign, democratic, republican, people of India celebrated Republic Day on January 26th.

It is a matter of honor to celebrate Republic Day for people living in foreign countries and Indians. This day has special significance and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy by organizing many activities and people. People often wait to be part of this day. The preparation of the Republic Day celebration begins at least one month ago and during this period, the movement of people on the India Gate is prohibited for safety reasons so that any kind of criminal incidents can be stopped before the occurrence. . This ensures that the safety of the people present there is also on that day.

On this day, special arrangements are made on this festival in the capital of all states and in the national capital New Delhi. The program begins with the flag by President Rohan and the National Anthem. After this, exhibition of parade activities, state exhibition, award distribution, march past etc. by three armies is exhibit. And finally the whole atmosphere revolves around "Jana Gana Mana Gan".

School and college students are very excited to celebrate this festival and start preparing for it a month ago. On this day students are awarded prizes, awards and certificates for outstanding performance in academia, sports or other areas of education. Families celebrate this day with their friends, family and children and participate in programs organized at social places. Before 8 a.m. in the morning, the program on Rajpath gets ready to watch on TV. On this day everyone should make a promise that they will protect the constitution of their country, maintain the goodwill and peace of the country and help in the development of the country.

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Introduction: Republic day is an important landmark in Indian history. On January 26th each year, Indians celebrate the Constitution of India coming into force in 1950.

On this day, our Indian constitution became a reality and thus, the date “26th January” got etched in history for eternity.

Needless to say, every year Republic day is celebrated with great pomp, enthusiasm and glory. Important governmental laws and acts were laid down on this day and hence it also marks as a day of pride for every Indian, old and young alike.

From school children to senior citizens everyone unfurls the National tricolour on this day, to pay their humble respect to their motherland.


The day when Indian constitution came in to force is celebrated as Republic day in India. Also, it is now celebrated as a national holiday in India as Republic day.

Facts about Republic Day

Scrolling down you would discover some interesting facts about this Day!

  • The Grand Parade: On Republic Day, a grand parade is organized at Rajpath in New Delhi. This parade mainly represents the diverse cultural heritage of our country and also the competency of Indian military. The grand parade is also a way of paying tribute to our freedom fighters. One of the main highlights of this parade is the giving away of awards like Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra and Vir Chakra to the winners. Children who are the winners of Bravery Awards also ride on colourful decorated elephants during this parade on Republic Day.
  • Placing Wreaths at Amar Jawan Jyoti: Our honourable Prime Minister, accompanied by Heads of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, places wreaths and pays tribute to all soldiers who sacrificed their lives for freedom, at Amar Jawan Jyoti.
  • ‘The 21 gun salute’: The 21 gun salute’ is the firing of the 21 canons and rifles to honour the navy and military of our country, on the auspicious occasion of Republic day.
  • Beating Retreat ceremony: The Republic Day celebrations continue for four days that is, from 26th Jan to 29th Jan. On the final day, the ‘Beating Retreat’ ceremony is organized at the Vijay Chowk. It involves many activities like arriving of president of India, unfurling of our national flag, singing of national anthem and playing of different tunes by military bands.
  • Inviting a chief guest: Each year, the Republic Day celebrations involve the president of India and an official chief guest that is, the head of state of any foreign country. Countries like France and Bhutan had the greatest privilege of providing the chief guest for Indian Republic Day for four times. The very first chief guest at the Republic Day Celebration of India in 1950 was the, then Indonesian President Sukarno.

Republic day History

India even though independent from 1947, did not have a constitution. Even independent India was seen following the Government of India Act 1935, which were laid down by the British. King George VI led India before the formation of its constitution.

Post Indian independence, the need of an independent constitution became evident and a drafting committee came into existence, which was headed by Mr. B. R Ambedkar. The initial draft was submitted in November 1947 and was then finalized in 1950, only after 308 members of the Assembly made amendments to the draft. The draft was handwritten. After the finalized draft was passed, the very first election took place to elect the first president of India. Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath of being the first president of India. Thousands of people witnessed this wonderful and memorable event.  These historic moments will stay etched in Indian history forever!

Importance of this day

Republic Day is an extremely important day for our country for various reasons. Some of the main reasons that would help highlight the significance of this day are elaborated as under:

  1. Emergence of the Largest Democratic Nation: On this day, India emerged as the largest democratic Nation, along with the longest written constitution. The citizens of India officially gained the power to live independently and help govern their own country. When the beginning is good, the journey progresses smoothly and without any turbulence.
  2. Indian Constitution came into existence: Republic Day is when the constitution and governmental existence came into being. Indian government thus became a distinct entity and came out of the shadow of the British government.
  3. First President: Honorable Dr. Rajendra Prasad took the historic oath to be the very first president of independent India on this very day. This ceremony was history personified.
  4. Self-guided: Until the Republic day, India was still running under the laws set by the British government. So technically, an independent India was not self-guided until the actual Republic Day.


Reasons to celebrate republic day

  1. Celebrate freedom from British written laws: Republic Day is the day when our country officially adopted its own constitution. We put forth our own set of citizen-friendly laws from Republic Day. Republic Day signifies the transition from a “dependant” nation to an “independent” one in terms of governmental laws, acts and policies.
  2. Honour the people who made an independent India possible: Countless lives were sacrificed so that we can hold our heads high in our own motherland. Republic Day made sure that the sacrificed lives were not spent in vain. Hence, this day should be celebrated by every Indian citizen as a sign of respect to the historic freedom fighters.
  3. To show our patriotism towards our country: Every citizen of India is expected to be patriotic and pay importance and respect to its history. Being patriotic is synonymous to celebrating the important milestones of the country and Republic day is one such event.

How do we celebrate this day every year?

Apart from the gala capital celebrations, similar functions at smaller scales also take place in all state capitals of the country. The state Governor unfurls the Tricolour in those celebrations. It also gives a wonderful feeling to visit schools and colleges on this day. Republic Day is celebrated with absolute excitement at these places. Children perform aerobics, parade and many different types of cultural activities too. Sweets are distributed at schools. All government buildings are decorated with lights. The Drummer’s Call or the solo drummer’s performance also takes place. ‘Abide With Me’ is played by the military band without fail every year. Finally, on 29th January, the last day of celebration of Republic Day, our national flag or Tiranga is lowered along with our national anthem that is sung with complete emotions.

Chief Guests present in the Republic Day celebration of– 2015, 2016, 2017

  • 2015 – US President Barack Obama attended the 2015 Republic Day parade in Delhi. He was the first US head of state who came as a chief guest on the Indian Republic Day celebration.
  • 2016 – The year 2016 saw the French President François Hollande as the chief guest of honour in the Republic Day parade.
  • 2017 – Recently, in the present year of 2017, crown prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan was the chief guest at the Republic Day parade. He was the very first leader from the United Arab Emirates to be part of the Indian Republic Day celebrations.

Republic Day wishes

  1. Let us take this opportunity to salute the real heroes of our country from the past as well as present, who sacrificed their lives for our independently functioning Constitution. Happy Republic day 2017.
  2. Heartfelt tribute should be paid to our great martyrs! Salute to all the freedom fighters. Happy Republic Day.
  3. Let us pledge to uphold the features of our constitution: Justice, Liberty, Fraternity and Equality. Happy Republic Day. Be proud to be an Indian.
  4. Let us all come together to celebrate the freedom of our country and the birth of our very own constitution on this day. Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day.
  5. Recall the sacrifices and rejoice their victory! Freedom of our motherland and its autonomous functioning came after a lot of bloodshed and hardships. Thus, it should be the responsibility of us citizens to preserve its glory forever! Happy Republic Day.


Every Indian citizen should realize the inherent importance of Republic day. We as citizens of a free country should feel proud to be an Indian and pay respect to all those who helped our country get stronger, and better! Special remembrance should be paid to all the freedom fighters and soldiers, who made and are making unbeatable sacrifices for all of us to breathe ‘free’. Republic Day celebrations should not be imposed on people. Patriotism apart, paying respect to the country is a sign of a responsible citizen.

So let us pledge to uphold our country’s honour at all times and respect its past, work on its present and hope for a bright and progressive future.

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