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Human Genetic Engineering 16

IntroductionGenetic engineering is by no means a brand new technology. The first geneticallymodified food was a tomato created in the early 1990’s, and the first mammal was cloned in1996. Like all technology though, genetic engineering continues to rapidly expand. Geneticengineering of plants and animals is now a widespread process implemented in cultures all over the world; over 100 million hectares of genetically modified crops are cultivated every year (Bevan, 2001). The success of genetically engineered plants and animals has led to thediscussions of genetically engineering humans. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an integral aspect of the process of human genetic engineering. IVF is the process by which an egg is fertilized by asperm outside of the womb in a laboratory setting. Since the first successful procedure in 1973,IVF has become the best solution for overcoming fertility problems where traditional fertilizationis not possible (Bavister, 2002). Another main aspect of human genetic engineering is preimplatation genetic diagnosis (PGD). According to Pray (2008) and Baird (2007), in vitrofertilization has led to preimplantation genetic diagnosis which is paving the way for humangenetic engineering and genetically modified children. PGD is the process by which embryos arescreened for conditions that could lead to genetic diseases. If scientists learn enough about therelationship between genes and their exhibited traits, the processes of IVF and PGD could lead tothe procedure of genetically engineering unborn children. The promising benefits of humangenetic engineering include the process of avoiding genetic disorders by screening embryos for diseases that are known to be linked to certain genes. Without any laws banning the practice of human genetic engineering in the United States, the stage is set for a future filled withgenetically modified children (Baird, 2007; Deneen, 2001; Van Court, 2004; Wright, 1999).Despite the allure of this technology, the potential downfalls need to be considered withequal importance. Deneen (2001) argues that if a system of genetically modified babies arises,

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