Transgenic Animals Research Essay

Transgenic Research focusses on transgenic and genome edited higher organisms. Manuscripts emphasizing biotechnological applications are strongly encouraged. Intellectual property, ethical issues, societal impact and regulatory aspects also fall within the scope of the journal. Transgenic Research aims to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied science in molecular biology and biotechnology for the plant and animal academic and associated industry communities.

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  1. Original Paper

    Zygote injection of RNA encoding Cre recombinase results in efficient removal of LoxP flanked neomycin cassettes in pigs

    Kristin M. Whitworth, Raissa Cecil, Joshua A. Benne…(March 2018)

  2. Original Paper

    A virus-derived short hairpin RNA confers resistance against sugarcane mosaic virus in transgenic sugarcane

    Usman Aslam, Bushra Tabassum, Idrees Ahmad Nasir, Anwar Khan…(February 2018)

  3. Original Paper

    Improved oil quality in transgenic soybean seeds by RNAi-mediated knockdown of GmFAD2-1B

    Jing Yang, Guojie Xing, Lu Niu, Hongli He, Dongquan Guo, Qian Du…(February 2018)

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