Vanguard Social Media Case Study

GSMI’s Social Media Strategies Summit, happening April 29 – May 1, 2014 in Chicago, has announced new case study presentations from Santander and Vanguard.

Douglas DoNascimento, Senior Manager of Social Media at Santander, will be presenting a case study on how Santander has build and implemented an effective B2B social media strategy.  Douglas brings 17 years of digital experience, and is the author of “From Social to Sales”, the auto dealer’s guide to new media.  In his presentation, Douglas will explore the five key factors B2B social media marketers need to factor into building their strategy, and will give attendees an inside look at how these factors have impacted Santander’s strategy.  Read Douglas’s full session details here.

Eric Haberacker, Social Media Operations Manager at Vanguard, will be presenting a case study on “Giving Your Brand a Social Life”. At Vanguard, Eric is responsible for the oversight of day-to-day activities associated with all retail/corporate social media. Over the past 3 years Vanguard has seen their social communities grow from under 20,000 fans/followers to more than 1,000,000 today. In Eric’s session, attendees will learn how Vanguard has taken a virtual company with non-tangible products to the forefront of social media for financial services. Read Eric’s full session details here.

SMSS Chicago has also confirmed case studies from leaders such as Comcast, Aetna, Walmart, and The World Bank.

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