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Virtual High School Advantages

The Virtual High School (VHS) strives to provide the best education possible via the Internet to its students.

  • We aim to provide great course content.
  • We aim to present this content in an engaging manner for the student.
  • We aim to present purposeful assessments and evaluations in each course.
  • We aim to provide professional and effective teachers.

Virtual High School may never achieve some features of a typical high school class, and is not intended to replace public school systems. However, for some students experiencing particular circumstances, Virtual High School can provide an advantage to the student over a traditional classroom:

  • all VHS classes are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • classes foster student initiative, self-motivation, self-advocation, event management and a host of other important learning skills for the twenty-first century
  • continuously updated, cutting-edge content
  • no textbooks, learning aids, or other supplements required, although students in English will have to pick up a copy of the novel they would like to study
  • pioneering and enthusiastic teachers trained to teach in an online environment
  • individualized attention from your teacher
  • work at your own pace
  • choose your own course path
  • transparent classroom and gradebook

Virtual High School also has many advantages over correspondence and other distance education classes:

  • fully accredited and award-winning courses
  • courses hosted in the world's best student learning environment provided by the Desire2LearnTM Learning Management System (LMS)
  • collaboration tools facilitate communication - teacher to student and student to student
  • professional animations, visuals, auditory devices for enhanced virtual learning
  • wide variety of assessment and evaluations
  • email correspondence with teacher responded to within 24 h
  • all assignments and tests marked and returned to the student within 5 days
  • interactive exercises provide the student with an opportunity to evaluate your progress and aptitude
  • online DropBox is used for submitting assignments thereby eliminating "snail mail"
  • simplified registration process
  • individual storage space is provide online - its called a locker!
  • individual email account

Student | Parent | Educator Testimonials:

"My training and competitions took me to Quebec, Colorado, Whistler, New Zealand, and various other exciting locations which meant it became increasingly difficult to keep up with school work because I was missing so much school. VHS gave me the answer in the summer of 2014, by enabling me to take online courses wherever I happened to be training or competing in the world. That year I decided to enroll as a full-time VHS student and take all my grade 11 courses online while I pursued my freestyle skiing dream. This allowed me to travel the world and do what I loved, whilst still getting full time unlimited access to schooling, working at my own pace, fitting it around my own schedule."

Connor Scognamillo - May 2016

"I have loved being a student with Virtual High School and can't wait to continue taking courses that I find interesting. Their website has always been very user friendly, letting you work at your own pace and all the teachers are very open and approachable. I would highly recommend this for an Online Course option."

Jess Wylie - April 2016

"I began with Civics and Grade 10 History through VHS. I loved being able to work at my own pace and my teachers were really great. They taught me how to write really good essays, which has helped tremendously with the Grade 11 English that I am taking now. It is really helpful to be able to hand in rough drafts and then get feedback from your teachers before your good copy is do. I have found all my teachers very friendly and willing to help me. The courses are very well laid out and easy to follow."

Ethan Rigby - March 2016

"I am now a nationally ranked athlete, and VHS has been incredibly helpful in providing flexibility to allow me to maintain my active lifestyle. Since my schooling is often changed from homeschooling, to car/hotel/tent schooling, having the option to be flexible is truly amazing. This flexibility and freedom, combined with knowledgeable and supportive staff, is by far one of the best options for me. I look forward to the future and all it beholds, and thank VHS for providing such wonderful support along the way."

Misti Worden - March 2016

"I have had nothing but wonderful experiences through Virtual High School. Every single one of my teachers has guided me through my courses giving me as much help as I need at any given point. Maintaining strong grades is something that I value greatly, as I plan on studying to become a naturopathic doctor in the future. I can't begin to express my gratitude towards VHS, as it has given me the opportunity and time to thrive in all aspects of my life."

Megan Pitre - March 2016

"Virtual High School provides each of its students with an environment that encourages us to succeed, and this is what led me to taking a second course here. I did this with the help of the John Smallwood Bursary, which really shows how much the school is devoted to students from all backgrounds. Though I have yet to really get going on MDM4U, I look forward to dipping my feet in an area that I am new to. Knowing that I have a supportive teacher, Mr. Armitage, available to me gives me the confidence to reach my goals. Thank you VHS!"

Charlie Choi - October 2015

"I have really enjoyed VHS throughout my two years. All the teachers have proved to be very helpful and kind. Every question I have asked has been answered with a full explanation, no matter how simple and basic it was. Sometimes teachers would go a step further and send a document with a step by step process of how to do something. Since reading and applying what you learn is hard enough, knowing you have teachers who are always there for you to make sure you understand the material is an extremely comforting thought and I am extremely grateful to them all. VHS has prepared me for university, as it has guided me well as to how to organize my own schedule. Not only has VHS taught me a lot but it has been an extremely fun schooling experience. I actually look forward to start my day with school."

Marco Tochijara - October 2015

"Ever since the time of my enrollment with VHS I started taking ownership in my education. My words can't stress enough my thanks to VHS for giving me such inspirations and hopes for education."

Yuichiro Takashima - September 2015

"The Virtual High School staff have always been there for me. I cannot count how many times they have helped me overcome any obstacles or confusion I encountered. For a short while I was even tutored by VHS' Math department. Within a few sessions the concepts which I had previously found difficult to understand, made complete sense. The understanding and support I have received from Virtual High School has been uplifting, and never-ending. I would like to thank VHS. Not only have they educated me in creative and inspiring ways, but have also taught me about responsibility and time management. If it had not been for their support I would not be on the road to studying Creative Writing and Literature in university today. It has been an adventure, and I find it hard to believe four years have passed by so quickly. But you know what they say...time flies when you're having fun. Thank you, VHS!"

Emerald Sethna - September 2015

"Over the past two years, I have learnt to be more responsible and independent whether at study or at work. Studying at VHS was as though I was already attending a university because I had to go through lectures and notes all by

myself through the school's website. All in all, I enjoyed my learning with VHS during past two years. I would recommend any students who look for flexible learning to try VHS."

Paul Wan - September 2015

"I will say that Virtual High School has helped me in so many ways, such as increasing my level of confidence. Virtual High School has made me a more disciplined person when it comes to my academics. It has increased my level of thinking and made me more practical. This is the best educational experience I have ever gotten. Virtual High School also allows for flexibility to bring out the best in you."

Dabirichi Njere - August 2015

"I'm pleased to announce that due to your hard-work and utmost determination for my cause; my average was raised substantially, and I was officially as of a few minutes ago given an offer of admission to McMaster University. I hope you take pleasure in knowing that you have brought both my family and I great cheer and happiness especially after all of my recent health battles. Words cannot even begin to describe my gratitude towards you. Thank you."

Brennan Mascotto-Carbone: ENG4U - April 2013

"I told you that I'd keep you updated about Ryerson, and I'm true to my word! As it turns out, I was rejected from journalism, but I was accepted into general arts. I realized after I applied that applying for such a competitive program as a 23 year old high school dropout with terrible grades and no experience in anything relevant was probably overly ambitious, but now that I'm in, I'm ready to prove myself by getting great grades in first year, and hopefully applying again. So once again, thanks so much for all your help in this process. All your support and kind words have made university seem much less terrifying, and I can't wait to get started on my education even though I'm very late in doing so! If I had teachers like you while I was in high school, I probably would have finished it, or at the very least, would have had an average better than just getting by. So thanks again."

Lauren M.: ENG4U - March 2013

"Mr. Baker, I am taking ENG4U course with Mr.Smallwood. I am having a lot of fun learning online, and I've just finished half of my coursework so I thought I would like to let you know that. English is not my first language and so I find the assignments challenging, but it is totally worth working hard on them because I learn a lot from both the content and the teacher's feedback. The content is very interesting and organized. I like how my learning involves not only reading and writing, but also listening and speaking. Mr. Smallwood is a very helpful teacher and he responds to me as soon as possible, so I get encouraged to ask questions although he is miles away from me. It's my very first time taking an online course and to be honest, I didn't expect this much for an online course. I am very glad that I made the decision to take ENG4U at VHS."

Nozomi Hagimura: ENG4U - March 2013

"My name is Micha Baltman and I was a student in Mr. Smallwood's grade 12 English class. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the course, but also how much I truly appreciate the overall work that VHS for all kinds of students. I attended a busy performing arts high school in Toronto, and I had already taken several online courses through the school boards in order to balance my training and extra-curricular commitments. I initially chose VHS to take my grade 12 English because I wanted to have the flexibility to read the books and complete the assignments without the usual all-nighters before a big day of rehearsals or performances. I worked on the course at the end of the summer after grade 12 and I ended up receiving so much more than I ever thought I would have gained. Throughout the entire experience, the course content and design were extremely enriching, inspiring, and thought-provoking. Although taking this course does require a certain amount of self-motivation, the layout easily helped me navigate and progress through the course efficiently. Each lesson was purposeful and crafted with Mr. Smallwood's own perspective and depth of knowledge. Moreover, the assignments are based on quality and are thoughtfully placed within the course to help you progress through your learning and to develop a wide range of skill sets. The assignments are extremely interesting, fascinating, and diverse, but are also highly challenging in the best way possible. I found the range of options that Mr. Smallwood created to be particularly helpful; this enabled me to direct my learning down any path of interest that I wanted to explore deeper. I was specifically inspired by the media theories, the novel study of Mister Pip, and the profound exploration of Hamlet. The course content and Mr. Smallwood challenged me to think in different ways and pushed me to grow as a writer and creative thinker. His detailed and responsive feedback for every single assignment and question that I had helped me to greatly strengthen my writing and communicative skills to a level they have never been at before. Finally, his passion towards all kinds of learning and to life itself, as well as his interest in the individual student, has made this the best and most meaningful academic learning experience I have ever had."

Micha Baltman: ENG4U - 20 January 2013

"I would like to recommend Virtual High School to everyone who seeks quality education and like myself have other priorities beside school: sport and/or music, for instance. At VHS you get the personal attention of highly qualified teachers and the course material is incredibly interesting. Studying at VHS is like joining an elite sport club where you are being trained by the top-notch coaches and have enough challenges to satisfy all your ambitions; and this, in my book, is a formula for success. Alexandre Lyssov - dual bronze medalist in fencing at the inaugural Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games."

Alexandre Lyssov: ENG4U - July 2012

"I am writing this email to express my complete satisfaction for both the content and the teaching of the new ENG4U course. I found the content to be extremely enriching and life changing as well. After researching propaganda and the effects of the media, I will never be able to look at a newspaper or watch the news the same way again. Both the novel and the selection from Shakespeare were particularly enjoyable. I feel that my public speaking has greatly improved after preparing a speech for an assignment in this course. Mr. Smallwood provided excellent support and was extremely helpful with any questions that I had throughout the course? I feel completely prepared for post-secondary English."

Brad Lewis: MHF4U, ICS3U, MDM4U, ICS4U, & ENG4U - Feb 2012

"Mr. Baker, I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know how much I appreciated being able to take this course. Everyone was so helpful. Mr. Smallwood was just awesome! I got lots of helpful feedback, very quickly, as well as a lot of encouragement. I learned a lot but mostly, I feel like I have my confidence back."

Craig Anderson: ENG4U - July 2011

"I am very happy with my progress so far in the course and you are definitely helping me to improve. I have never received such extensive feedback on my work and you have taught me so much in my two submissions. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated."

Richard Artwell: ENG4U, MDM4U - October 2011

"I would like to acknowledge Mr. Murray Smith as an outstanding teacher. He would always respond to my emails promptly and accurately. He was a great teacher to have for the MHF4U course. Thank you for the opportunity to take a course with Virtual High School; it was a great experience especially with such professional faculty."

Brandon O'Dell: MHF4U - November 2009

"Once again I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for everything you did for me, if it wasn't for you and Virtual High School I wouldn't be where I am now. Now I am majoring in chemistry in University and I love it! You made it possible to get the credit that I needed .... thanks again and I wish all the best to you and your great school!"

Katie Lyahskevych: SCH4U - May 2008

"I thought you may like to know that I received a Certificate of Distinction from the Canadian Computing Competition. Thanks for all of the help in this course!"

Alex Moffett: ICS4M - August 2006

"Thank you very much, now I can join the airforce, and after I get in and get my bach. degree, I will send you a copy, for making this possible."

Joel Mason: ENG4C - July 2006

"Your Canadian history course was more interesting and challenging and I got to pick my deadlines - and I learned a lot more than my friends who took the course in day school."

Annie Claire Bergeron: CHC2D - January 2006

"I feel that the awareness I have gained over time is very important. If all people, especially youth, could be taught about everything I have learnt in this course, then this world would be a MUCH better place, full of peace and happiness."

Anita Mamtani: HRT3M - November 2005

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my transcript and let you know what a wonderful experience I've had with VHS. This was the first time I've ever done an online course and it's worked out great. There was always someone to answer my questions or help with any problems I had. I would highly recommend VHS to anyone looking for an alternative way to get OSSD credits. I am hoping that I will be able to do more credits through VHS in the future. Thanks for a great experience."

Natalie McQueen: CHC2D - November 2005

"Thank you also for the opportunity to take a class important to my plans for next year that is not available in any form at my high school. If it interests you, my "dream" is to be a professional writer of novels and short stories. The work I have studied for this class, Findley's novel in particular, have convinced me even further that this is the path I wish to take. Thank you again for your praise, for your constructive feedback, and for every other way in which this course has benefited me."

Michael Knox: ETS4U - June 2005

"Thank you so much. It really has been a great experience, you really have the best intentions for your students - keep up the excellent work."

Christine Garganis: BTT20, BBI2O, CHV2O, GLC2O - April 2005

Parent Testimonials:

"We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you and your organization for so generously sponsoring our son, Will, in his first VES (Virtual Elementary School) course. We would like to take a moment to describe the affect that this act of kindness has had on Will, and by extension, our whole family. After the recurrence of his brain tumour in 2010, Will found his bricks and mortar school to be an overwhelming entity. Not only was he often too sick to attend throughout his chemotherapy protocol, he felt unsafe in and unwelcome at his home school. The victim of merciless bullying, due to the fact that he was in treatment, Will found the mere thought of attending school unbearable. Moreover, he felt as though he was nothing more than a thorn in the sides of his teachers, who were often frustrated with his absences and fears. Will began his Grade 7 Math course just over one month ago. The change in his demeanor was almost immediate. This, in large part, is owed to Mr. Strutt, his teacher. Mr. Strutt continues to go above and beyond, not only with curricular material, but also in his personal communication with Will. Daily, we hear about Mr. S, his travels and fine sense of humour. Will has indicated, on numerous occasions, that Mr. Strutt has done more for him than all of his "regular school" teachers combined. Indeed, we see proof of this. Will's self-confidence is returning, and we are again basking in the beautiful sound of his uninhibited laughter. One afternoon, we saw Will wiping tears away from his eyes. When we began to worry and intervene, he turned to flash one of his trademark smiles. He simply whispered, "Mr. S. said I am clever." We simply cannot convey how deeply and greatly Mr. Strutt has impacted Will. Our son was giving up – his spirit broken. Enter Mr. Strutt, and magic starts to happen – clearly and measurably. I am sure that he has no idea that he has had this affect on Will, because it is obvious that he is not conducting himself this way for recognition or accolades. It is evident that Mr. Strutt treats Will in this manner because he is an educator who chose this profession as his life's work and passion. We will never be able to adequately express our gratitude to the man who reignited the flame in our son. We would also like to thank Mr. DeMers for his warm welcome to VES, as well as for his level of involvement and correspondence. His approachability and graciousness have not gone unnoticed, and we are impressed with his leadership. With thanksgiving, Mr. Baker, we are indebted to you and your organization for helping Will to believe in his abilities and self again. "

Pan and Gianni, May 2013

"Ashley/Henna, I honestly cannot thank you both enough for helping me with the OSSLT for Carly. You were both so professional, hard working and determined to help me up until the very end. Even when it appeared to be hopeless, you worked diligently to get this done. You have no idea how relieved I am that this was a success. It has been gnawing at me ever since I had heard that she didn't pass the first time around and caused me to experience many sleepless nights. Your assistance with the IEP provided Carly with an enormous advantage that will ultimately, hopefully, help her to be successful. While she had the same benefit last year, the pressure to complete the test with her classmates prevented her from taking advantage of the extra time. This year, she didn't have that concern and actually utilized almost all of the time allotted to her. You went above and beyond my expectations to help us.I can't thank you enough."

Miriam, April 2013

"Thank you Kim. What an amazingly efficient school you have. Rapid response to parental concerns ... how novel! (Can you tell I deal with the Public Board? Sigh ... )."

Mrs. Audette, March 2013

"My daughter Caitlin just completed her first VHS course (SCH4U - Chemistry) and I must say it was an amazing experience. WOW! She learned so-o much. I don't think she has ever had so much feedback in all of her regular schooling. Her teacher - Mr. McPherson was helpful, encouraging and on-the-ball. She enjoyed the course so much that she has just enrolled in Advanced Functions! Thank for VHS. We will be proud to recommend it to anyone we know seeking quality and innovative learning."

Cindy Negus, February 2013

"I know that I have commended VHS to you before, but again I feel the need to let you know how pleased I am with your course offering and level of teacher commitment. While my daughter attends her local high school, she has taken a number of VHS courses over the years to pick up additional credits in order to fast track herself. She is currently enrolled in English 4U with Ms. Romlewski and 4U Writer's Craft with Ms. Casemore and I can't tell you how grateful I am to both of these teachers for my daughter's success and personal growth. We decided after her grade 10 Academic English course at her school, where she had an opportunity to write only one essay and was provided with only five assessments over 10 months, that we would pursue a different avenue for English. VHS proved to be an excellent place for her and through the Grade 11 Academic English program last summer she excelled in all areas of the curriculum and grew tremendously. This year, I know that she is more than ready to handle the load that will be thrown at her in university because of the feedback, high standards and engaging curriculum set by VHS, Ms. Romlewski and Ms. Casemore. I am so pleased with VHS that, ironically, as a teacher in the public system, I tell a number of parents of students who have left me (I teach grade 8) to move to the high school to consider VHS. My principal is currently looking at it for her son and is also impressed with your offerings. My son, who is in a gifted grade 9 class at his school, just signed up for Civics and Careers to get ahead and already finds them both engaging and straight forward with expectations. Thank you for your high quality education and your exceptional teachers."

Samantha, February 2013

"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your assistance with Steven's course. He has completed it successfully and we're now in the process of enrolling him in college. I also wanted to let you know that Krystal Romlewski, when conveying Steven's final mark to him over the weekend, also wrote him a very helpful and encouraging note with some advice as to how he could make his post-secondary experience more successful. I was most impressed that she would take the time to do so. Our experience with VHS has been very positive and I will not hesitate to recommend your school to prospective students."

Chris Hamm, January 2013

"I wanted to take the opportunity to write and thank you for the wonderful experience my son Stephen had with his recently completed Grade 10 English course (ENG2D). The primary reason for his success was the coaching given by Mr. Smallwood. Until Last June, Stephen attended a local school. His Grade 9 English final mark was 57%. His mid-term grade 9 math stood at 47%. I arranged a meeting with the principal and was most concerned that he accepted these marks as though Stephen was incapable of doing any better. I doubt he was even aware that Stephen had attained excellent marks throughout elementary and junior high school. The unspoken verdict was that it was the child and not the school system. I took early retirement this year and so decided to try home-schooling. A friend who uses VHS recommended we try it. We are so pleased with the content of the course and the positive reinforcement given by Mr. Smallwood. Stephen has never before received such detailed appraisal and commentary from a teacher and has responded very well. I observed how his writing skills developed as the course progressed. At the beginning, I had to spend a lot of time directing and overseeing his work. By the end of the course, Stephen was so motivated and self-directed that I hardly had any involvement. He was always excited to learn what Mr. Smallwood had to say about his submitted assignments. His current mark prior to the final exam is standing at 88% - a huge improvement over 47%. Obviously, we will be continuing with VHS through to grade 12 English. Incidentally, Stephen recently completed the course content for grade 10 academic math (MPM2D) through ILC. I should also say that there is no comparison between VHS and ILC. VHS provides a course with a tutor whereas ILC only provides course content and takes too long to mark assignments. We will be returning to VHS for math too in the New Year."

Jennie Clarke, November 2012

"Good Afternoon, Zahra has found the English course online to be very thorough and the instruction by her teacher priceless. The evaluation and direction has been very effective in helping Zahra to develop a better understanding of what is expected to deliver quality work. It's not often that Zahra will admit a course has taught her something, but she has found this course to be successful at highlighting her strengths and weaker areas. Thank you! P.S. We are very proud to announce that aside from being accepted in Ontario by 5 universities with scholarships, Zahra was successful at being accepted by the University of Leicester in England for Pre-Med. Conditional of course on final grades but an offer still the same. Kind Regards."

Nazim and Penny Daya, June 2012

"Wow this (OSSD) is absolutely FANTASTIC! Thank you very, very much. My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Virtual High School. We know that at least one family friend has already enrolled and more are considering it on our recommendation. I can honestly say that this school and the whole school experience totally saved our sons academic prospect. This time last year, things were looking very bleak. I will send a more formal letter to Mr. Baker and his / Max's teachers over the coming months but in the meantime, please pass along our immense gratitude to everyone connected to the school; teachers, administration staff, and management."

Angela Bradley, May 2012

"Thank you for this information, I will have Jaime contact her teacher and look forward to receiving her report card by mail. And just a note to you, this program has been great and I have provided your information to other parents that have had concerns with their children either requiring an extra credit or have to re-do a course. I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism and each time I have been in contact with your company I have received a quick response, much appreciated!!"

Dorothy Clark-Udeschini, January 2012

"We sincerely wish to thank: (1) Jillian for all your help and putting up with me for practically emailing you everyday for a week. Must have driven you crazy. (2) Mr. Ken Stewart for working with Natalie and marking her work that quickly. She gets a little flustered when it comes to exam time. Hopefully she'll outgrow that in University. (3) Mr. Baker, for your insight for having such a School available all year round. Your School was a saviour for Natalie. If it wasn't for Virtual High School she would have had to wait a whole year before starting University as it was too late for Summer School in order for her to get her Calculus marks up. We wish your School continued success."

Mrs. Kumari Misir, August 2011

"Thanks for all your help. Virtual High School was a "God-send", right when we needed it. It has built up Andrew's confidence, and has allowed us to hone in on some of his work habits."

Kathryn I.

"I wanted to thank you for all the help you provided for the course Steve took through Virtual High School. As a result, Steve is enjoying Frosh Week at McMaster University, before he starts his first year Engineering program. Thanks again."

The Dolson Family, MGA4U

"I'm Matt's mom, writing to you from his e-mail. Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience this course (Canadian Literature) has been for Matt. The feedback he received from Mr. Smallwood was very thorough and extremely helpful -- far better than anything he has received in any class he has taken in his three years of high school. He had to work pretty hard, but he learned a lot in this course and we were all very happy with his results, both in terms of marks and in how he improved over the course of the year. I am so happy I found your website!"

Jeanne, ETC3M

"Things are going well - he was accepted into a number of universities & chose Guelph. The VHS course proved to be essential to his graduation & university application process, so we are glad it went well. It was a step towards greater responsibility for him, having to successfully complete a distance course on his own."

Thomas, MCB4U

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful Science course. Devon worked hard and learned so very much. She truly enjoyed it. I am certain she would not have received the same knowledge, experience or confidence in a "traditional" school setting. Thank you. We will be in touch again in the fall."

Julie, SNC1D

Educator Testimonials:

"As a grade 7/8 teacher, I just wanted to express how impressed I am with your school. My daughter has taken two course with VHS over the past year and I am so grateful for both the programs and the fantastic teachers that have provided consistent and timely feedback along with a curriculum that truly meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education. We turned to VHS for ENG3U after having two disappointing classes in the public system. In her (public school) grade 10 English course, she had only 7 assessments all year and by her mid term report card she had only one grammar quiz that was used to determine her grade. Knowing that students can't learn and grow successfully under this kind of instruction, we returned to VHS to see if the University based courses would be a better alternative than taking English at her public high school. While always an "A" student, it was VHS that really taught her how to structure a paper and write well detailed responses and she is a far better writer and critical thinker because of it. We are thrilled with commitment to learning at VHS and will be back for two more courses this fall. While I recognize that many parents and students are grateful for your unique learning environment, I just wanted you to know that as an educator who is a Literacy at Schools Specialist (embedding technology with literacy) I am so pleased with your program and am glad that it has grown and thrived. I have passed your school information along to numerous friends and just wanted to take the time to say "thank you". Sincerely,"

Samantha, August 2012

"On a side note I just wanted to add that I used to be a high school teacher and have been working at Acadia University for nine years. I am extremely impressed with the way your school conducts itself. The communication with the students is great. If you ever need anyone to promote it, let me know. Thanks."

Darren (the hockey coach).

Tom Card
B.Sc., B.Ed., OCT

Tom worked on developing the Ontario Science curriculum and has written a number of Science courses for the Independent Learning Centre. This is his first go at on-line teaching and he is very excited about being back in the classroom (virtual instead of one with walls) and interacting with students again. His greatest satisfaction comes from working with students, answering their questions, and supporting them as they learn about Science and their own learning styles.

Tom and his wife have moved away from the greater Toronto area into a little community where they are able to walk everywhere – to the grocery store, post office, bank, and library. They enjoy hiking on the local trails and touring the countryside, visiting the small towns in the area.

Tom likes to start each day with a 5 km run; he has competed in road races in the past and hopes to do so again. He and his wife have travelled to Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia since retiring. Their next trip will likely be to England, Scotland and Ireland. Tom also enjoys reading, both fiction and non-fiction.

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