High School Photography Class Assignments For Psychology

What do you share on Facebook? - Interesting research reveals some relationships between postings, motivations, and personality.

Flower power! - "But can the mere presence of flowers influence actual relationship behavior? To test this question, a French researcher randomly assigned female participants to watch a video of a male discussing food while participants were either (a) sitting in a room decorated with three vases full of flowers (roses, marigolds, and daisies), or (b) sitting in a room decorated with empty vases. Women who sat in the room with flowers rated the male in the video as sexier and more attractive, and they were more willing to date him." Read also about the two very cool follow-up studies. [added 2/12/15]

The paradox of poygamy - "Contrary to popular belief, most women benefit from polygynous society, and most men benefit from monogamous society. This is because polygynous society allows some women to share a resourceful man of high status."[added 4/13/08]

Subliminal smells and likeability - story of research finding that in humans consciously undetectable odors alter social preferences [added 3/21/08]

Laughter is the way we connect - an article about research on the role laughter plays in our social world [added 11/17/07]

"Likes attract, but do they last?" - The answer is what I tell my students to write on psych exams if they have no clue to the answer: It depends! In this case the research suggests that it depends on the partners' levels of self-control. [added 8/5/13]

Romantic Relationships

“Do romantic partners help or hurt goal pursuit?” - “When it comes to supporting a (female) partner, actions speak louder than words. Try thinking of concrete ways that others have helped you pursue your goals, and do what you can to help others pursue their goals as well.”

The importance of interdependence in relationship success

Pumpkin Spice Latte! - What's its connection to relationships?  Grab a warm one and have a read.

"Why do people swipe right (or left) on Tinder" - a nice infographic describing some research on the question

Can classical conditioning help long-distance relationships? - Interesting study of military marriages which endure long deployments of one member of the marriage

"The reasons we stay friends with an ex"

 Does more sex go with a better relationship? - It may depend if you ask explicitly or implicitly.

Attractive people have shorter relationships, more interest in alternative partners

How to feel authentic in a relationship

he science of love - a series of articles about current research on relationships

t's the cuddling, stupid - Research has attempted to identify the primary reasons why more sex is correlated with greater happiness.

"10 comics that show what polyamorous love is really like"

Reduced grey matter when falling in love - What??  According to this research, those early in a romantic relationship have less grey matter in a specific region in the brain.   So, if you have that area lesioned, will you fall in love with the first person you see after the operation?

"How our partners make us great" - This research identifies some variables in our partners which might predict our well being.

 Men can apparently be trained to be better judges of women's sexual interest

One perspective on the modern single woman through comics

How your brain responds to rejection - "Immediately after we've been shunned, a new study shows our brains engage a subtle mechanism that alters our sense of whether other people are making eye contact with us, so that we think it is more likely that they are looking our way."

"Psychology predicts where your relationship is headed!" - Just send me $25.00 and I will....

"Does frequent sex lead to better relationships?" - Newlywed couples who have a lot of sex don't report any greater happiness explicitly, but implicitly they do.  I think the lesson here is if you are going to get married, marry a newlywed!

"Responsive partners show two kinds of empathy"

More subtle forms of relationship aggression - Who is more likely to spread negative rumors about their partner, or exclude them from social circles, or withhold affection, and what effect does it have?

When is conflict in a relationship not a problem? - Wait, seriously, there is an answer to that question?  Apparently, yes. If you feel understood by your partner you can weather conflicts much more easily.  Oh, that sounds easy.

Who seeks out whom on dating sites? - Does my own perceived social mate value affect it?  Does the matching hypothesis hold?

"Women copy other women's mate-choices" - "It is one of life's great secrets: women don't look for handsome men, they look for men with beautiful women."

Top 10 relationship dealbreakers - Research with college students found the most significant dealbreakers when it comes to forming a short-term or long-term relationship.  Additionally, dealbreakers appear to be more important than dealmakers.  Do your students agree?

Couples increasingly meet online - David Myers addresses a number of issues related to how the Internet has changed our lives, but I put it here because I really like the graph he included on this topic.

Relationship styles in the movie Frozen - Jana Lembke of Science of Relationships analyzes the attachment styles of the two sisters in Frozen.

No Girlfriend Comics - A series of comic strips of a character who just broke up with his girlfriend captures some relatable moments.

Phubbing! - Have you ever done it with your loved one?  You know what I'm talking about.  Snubbing him/her with your cellphone. Examples of "phubbing" include "My partner places his or her cellphone where they can see it when we are together." "My partner keeps his/her cellphone in their hand when he or she is with me."  Phubbed again!

Can earthquakes also crumble relationships? - Sound weird, but this fascinating research suggests it is plausible.  If you were standing on one leg you thought your relationship was as well.  Got to love that embodied cognition.

"What do people do on Facebook when they are breaking up?"

"Do your preferences for a romantic partner influence your actual choice?"

Redefining self-concept after a break-up - Research found that "taken together, these findings suggest that the failure to redefine the self post-break-up contributes to greater breakup related distress."

Texting, sexting and avoidant attachment - "In short, if you’re with an avoidant person, they might not text you much. But when they do send messages, they are more likely to be sexual."

Commitment in relationships often requires executive control

We don't trust the "perfect" online dating profile - a little too perfect

"Motivational distortion" in relationships - "At least that’s the theory offered by psychological scientist Edward Lemay of the University of Maryland, who has been studying what he calls “motivational distortion” in relationships. According to Lemay, our desire to bond to another person in a close, committed relationship is so strong that it can bias our thinking—distorting attention and memory and interpretation so that we see and believe what we want to be true. At the first International Convention of Psychological Science, this week in Amsterdam, Lemay discussed his and others’ work on this powerful cognitive bias."

Individual goal-minded pursuit and your relationship - "The implemental mindset that you’re in once you’ve chosen to pursue a goal makes you more single-minded and less inclined to pursue other goals, especially if focusing on those goals could conflict with your chosen goal. So goals to improve or maintain your relationship will take a backseat to the pursuit of the personal goal. If the relationship seems good, then you’ll just let it be and not try to work on it because you assume your relationship will be fine. In contrast, if the relationship seems bad, then you’ll also let it be and not work on it because it’s hopeless. The authors conducted three additional studies to test their hypothesis that this one-sided view makes people less inclined to work on their relationships." [added 2/17/15]

"Cold-shouldering a partner's successes leaves relationships on ice" - [added 2/17/15]

"Relationship visibility on Facebook?" - Can you tell when someone on Facebook is in a relationship? [added 2/17/15]

Gender differences in flirting motivation - "Big surprise: men’s flirting is more motivated by sex, while women’s flirting is more motivated by having fun or becoming closer to another person." [added 2/17/15]

"Your first date: Make sure your genes fit" - "People can now check that their genes fit. Yep, genes -- as in our DNA -- before going on a first date." [added 2/17/15]

I don't like you, but... - This research suggests that we sometimes end up with incompatible partners in relationships because it is just too hard to reject others. [added 2/17/15]

OKCupid's user experiments - You may have heard that Facebook is running little experiments on its users. It was recently revealed that a large dating site, OKCupid is doing the same. "One experiment linked users up with people who were deemed a bad match — a 30 percent compatibility rate based on OKCupid’s algorithm. OKCupid labeled these bad matches as being 90 percent compatible to see if people could “like” each other even if they had nothing in common." [added 2/17/15]

Feminist phone intervention - A guy in a bar won't take no for an answer? Give him this number. [added 2/12/15]

The importance of buffering to relationships - In one study, "Anxious partners felt more negative emotions and were less accommodating, but their partners displayed more accommodating strategies if they were themselves more committed to the relationship. And these accommodations led the anxious partner to become more accepting and positive during the tense conversation. In other words, buffering had immediate benefits, allaying fears and creating a more constructive emotional dynamic." [added 2/12/15]

Who's more likely to be unfaithful? Avoidant people - Nathan DeWall reports on research he and his colleagues conducted: "1. Avoidant people—those who keep others at arm’s length, prefer to depend on themselves instead of others, and feel uncomfortable getting emotionally close to their partners—are more likely to engage infidelity. In one set of studies, my colleagues and I recruited people in relationships, measured their level of avoidance, and showed:

Their eyes gravitate toward attractive alternatives to their romantic partner.
They report more positive attitudes toward infidelity
They report more intentions to engage infidelity
They report engaging in infidelity more often than others
This effect is true for both men and women.

2. A lack of commitment explains why avoidant people engage in more infidelity. Avoidant people dislike getting close to others. Hence, they have a tough time feeling strong relationship commitment. Their lack of commitment might make avoidant people feel safe and secure. But it also weakens the commitment that often keeps urges to engage in infidelity at bay." [added 2/12/15]

Who's consensually non-monogamous? Avoidant people - What is consensually non-monogamous? "This is a psychological term researchers use to describe people who engage in more than one romantic relationships simultaneously, and whose relationship partners know and approve." 4-5% of people report being in that category. So, do avoidant people in monogamous relationships believe that they are really being unfaithful when they are unfaithful? [added 2/12/15]

Using humor during an argument - can be helpful[added 2/12/15]

Breakup cartoons - In case you need one - Would sending a breakup cartoon count as a good way to break up with someone? Would they get it? [added 2/12/15]

Fear of being single - good blog entry on the topic [added 2/12/15]

Do you want a happy or sad breakup song? - After a non-interpersonal loss people prefer listening to happy music, but prefer sad music after an interpersonal loss. [added 8/5/13]

"The science behind 3 popular dating apps" - [added 8/5/13]

Why the sexual double standard? - Interesting discussion of why promiscuous men are studs while promiscuous women are sluts [added 8/5/13]

"Chemistry + Timing = Relationship Success" - a good discussion of these elements in a Science of Relationships blog entry [added 8/5/13]

Relationship humor - [added 8/5/13]

"Catfishing" and relationships - Don't know yet what "catfishing" is? Read all about it in this blog entry. [added 8/5/13]

Seven ways to improve your relationship - A good infographic summarizing research on the topic -- clicking on the image takes you to an article that elaborates on it. Surprisingly, "don't get catfished" is not one of the seven. [added 8/5/13]

"Why love literally hurts" - an APS Observer article looking at the neural link between social and physical pain [added 8/5/13]

"What implicit processes tell us about romantic attachment" - another good APS Observer article [added 8/5/13]

Relationship humor - more here; more here; more here - When I want my dose of relationship humor I always turn to Science of Relationships. Unlike relationships, it never disappoints. [added 8/5/13]

What makes a "jealous type"? - good blog entry on jealousy [added 8/5/13]

A drum-off - interesting little video of some relationship conversation through drumming [added 8/5/13]

New love - interesting New York Times article on the research of new love [added 8/5/13]

Consensual non-monogamy - [added 8/5/13]

Online dating - Review research about dealing with all the choices [added 1/12/13]

Does gift giving undermine relationships? - [added 1/12/13]

"T-Rex did not evolve for romance"[added 1/12/13]

Do we like funny in possible mates? - good discussion of some research on what men and women find attractive in the opposite sex in terms of humor[added 1/12/13]


The impact of stereotype threat -- inside and outside the classroom - a podcast from Teaching in HigherEd

The Transgender Oral History Project

"African-American life in the Jim Crow South" - "It is the largest single collection of Jim Crow-era oral histories in the world: visitors to the site can listen to over 175 hours of recordings. Additionally, there are over 10,000 pages of transcripts from the interviews, which "capture the vivid personalities, poignant personal stories, and behind-the-scenes decision-making" that made up the African American experience in the South during this period." [added 2/20/14]

Some more oral histories from the U.S. civil rights era - [3/29/09]

Studs Terkel interviews - The death of author Studs Terkel has reminded many of his excellent interviews on topics such as race. Hear several here. [added 3/29/09]

Voices on Antisemitism - podcasts from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum[3/29/09]

"How Latino immigration is changing in America" - an American RadioWorks program[3/26/09]

"King's last march" - An audio documentary broken into five parts which describes the last year of Martin Luther King's life. [added 8/14/08]

The authoritarian personality - (1:03:27) Shrink Rap Radio talks with Robert Altemeyer on the authoritarian personality. Or, follow this link and read a book on the subject by Altemeyer freely available online.[added 5/24/08]

"Politician's shocking, anti-gay rant" - (2:48) Follow the link in this article to hear some of this "rant" -- homosexuality is a greater threat to the nation (U.S.) than terrorism.[added 4/28/08]

"Voices from the desegregation era" - [added 4/9/08]

"Hate crime and racism in Russia" - Part I - (17:51) and Part II - (13:15) From The Leonard Lopate show (Parts I and II) -- "Three years ago, the brutal murder of a 9-year old Tajik girl in Saint Petersburg turned international attention to the rise of neo-fascist groups and hate crime in Russia. Since then, the situation has not only gotten worse, it’s also fallen off the mainstream media radar. Attacks are up 28% since 2006, and many observers think the actual number of crimes is even greater. On the first part of Underreported, Leonard will be speaking with Paul LeGendre, Interim Director of the Fighting Discrimination Program at Human Rights First, and Nickolai Butkevich, Research and Advocacy Director at the Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union." [added 12/12/07]

"Radio fights Jim Crow" - an audio essay (and slides) about a series of radio programs during World War II that tried to address the deep racial divide in the U.S. [added 7/06/07]

Great African-American speeches - Hear and read the transcripts of a fairly large collection of famous speeches over the past century, from American RadioWorks. [added 1/8/06]

"Voices from the days of slavery: Former slaves tell their stories" - a good collection of audio and photos from the American Memory project [added 4/5/04]

Ghetto Life 101 - (30:16) listen to this radio documentary about the life of two young boys on Chicago's South Side - transcript also available [added 11/07/02]




Black guy breaks into a car... - (1:42) and a White guy breaks into the same car.  Not credible evidence by itself, but a good illustration of what research has found. [added 7/21/15]

Names - (3:02) amusing Key and Peele video about the difference between African-American and Caucasian first names [added 2/20/14]

Cheerios' mixed-race family commercial is attacked - (1:56)[added 8/19/13]

"How race in America's classrooms affects achievement" - (45:44) This is an invited address at the 2012 APA convention given by Beverly Daniel Tatum, president of Spelman College. [added 12/07/12]

Anti-stop-and-frisk video - (5:55) Very compelling first-person case of an African-American teenager who says he has been stopped by NYC police 60-70 times [added 9/10/12]

"Prejudice" - (6:44) another great song by Tim Minchin [added 6/27/12]

"Slavery by Another Name" - (1:24:56) Excellent and very troubling PBS documentary describes the little known story of how slavery did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation. It just took another very harrowing form. Full program is available here. [added 6/25/12]

Jeremy Lin skit - (4:00) This skit from Saturday Night Live highlights how it is "okay" to express some racial stereotypes while others are considered out of bounds.[added 6/25/12]

"The Interrupters" - (1:54:42) This is a PBS documentary describing how former gang members and perpetrators of violence are trying now to interrupt that cycle. Full program is available here. [added 6/25/12]

Huckleberry Finn and the N-word - (12:27)60 Minutes had an interesting episode on the controversy about whether schools should use the new version of Huckleberry Finn which excludes the use of the N-word. You can watch the entire episode here. [added 4/25/11]

"Racist" rant from UCLA student - (2:51) This video has made the rounds quite a bit. A student makes a spontaneous video about her experience with Asians in the library. The link above is to the video; here is a link to an article describing her decision to leave the university. [added 4/25/11]

Perpetuating stereotypes - (1:23) An open letter from 30 prominent Israeli rabbis' wives urges, among other things, Israeli girls to avoid dating Arabs. [added 4/24/11]

Race in America - (3:27) Here's a nice montage of clips from The Daily Show on Obama, race, and "my America." [added 7/27/10]

Teachers with accents in Arizona - (2:45)[added 7/27/10]

Immigrants - (1:11) Video courtesy of U.S. Republican Senators [added 7/5/09]

Another version of the Black/White doll test - (5:31) done by ABC News with an accompanying story [added 7/3/09]

Clips from "American Black Journal" - (2:33) This show premiered in Detroit, MI in 1968.[3/29/09]

"Who can use the N-word?" - (9:37) This link takes you to part 1 of five videos capturing a debate and discussion about the use of the N-word between a political scientist and a professor of culture and communication. Could be used to prompt discussion in your class. [added 5/24/08]

The secret Black language -- Blanguage - (4:24) amusing video from The Daily Show [added 5/24/08]

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech - (17:29)[added 4/9/08]

Darfur - (1:00:00) The entire Frontline program, "On our watch," is available online. [added 4/9/08]

"A Sunday in Clarkston" - (5:41) interesting story of a church's changing population which led it to adapt [added 4/2/08]

Jesus Colon's dilemma - (3:31) Read about and watch the story of Black and Puerto Rican Jesus Colon who, in the 1950s, encountered a white woman on a subway who was clearly in need of some help. Should he help? What went through his mind? Did he help? I'll let you find out. [added 4/2/08]

Anti-semitism - (42:36) story and recollections of Holocaust survivor Rena Finder, including a brief video [added 12/23/07]

Speech from F. W. de Klerk - "From Apartheid To Democracy" -- a speech from former South African President F. W. de Klerk [added 12/12/07]

Jena 6 - I assume those of you in the U.S. have heard of the case of the Jena 6, the six black students in Jena, Louisiana accused of beating a white student. The first link takes you to a good, detailed overview of the incident and the subsequent controversy. If you want to show a brief news clip about such an event, you can search the video sections of news sites such as ABC or CNN. This link takes you to a number of Jena 6 video clips from such a search at ABC News. This link is to one of the many accompanying stories in which two nooses were found hanging from the back of a pickup truck. [added 11/17/07]

Asian-American experience - (10:24) This video on identity is primarily composed of interviews of Asian-Americans at Columbia College, asking them what it means to be Asian-American. [added 7/8/07]

"Crayola Monologues" - (3:09) Just for fun - a fairly silly video about stereotyping involving crayons [added 7/8/07]

Survivor of Rwandan genocide - (13:00) You can read the transcript and watch the entire 60 Minutes episode about a woman who managed to escape the Rwandan genocide of 1994. She is just now telling her story. [added 12/27/06]

Steppin' - (55:25) I never heard of this "dance style popular today among black fraternities and sororities" -- probably because I teach at a small school. [added 12/27/06]

"A girl like me" - (7:15) I came across this interesting film created by a 17-year old high school student in which she attempts to recreate Kenneth and Mamie Clark's famous studies of black and white dolls which was integral to the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision. More to the video as well. [added 12/12/06]

"Dealing with a racist cabbie" - A segment from an ABC's Primetime show in which unsuspecting riders encounter a cab driver who goes off on a racist tirade. The "driver" is a confederate in on the little stunt. How would you respond? Raises ethical questions for the riders and about the show itself. Would this make it through an IRB? [added 7/5/06]

Teenager's film on Holocaust survival - (4:49) By clicking on the first Launch button you see on this page (Movie tells Holocaust horror), you will be able to view the NBC story covering this teenage boy's film about his grandparents talking for the first time about their Holocaust experience. If you scroll down a little and click the Launch button by "Survivors' stories" you can view the entire film he created. [added 9/20/05]

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive - The archive is in the process of making many films available for viewing online about the Holocaust and other Jewish experiences. More than 100 are available for viewing. [added 7/21/03]

"A Class Divided" - Frontline (PBS) rebroadcast its 1985 episode of the famous story of Jane Elliott, the 3rd grade teacher in rural Iowa, who in the late '60's began an exercise in her class in which she separated her white students into blue-eyed and brown-eyed kids to teach them lessons of discrimination. The entire episode can now be viewed online at this address. It begins with the fascinating original footage in Elliott's 3rd grade classroom and includes follow-up experiences since that time. The episode is broken into five segments online. I love when such material is made available online because I can pick certain clips to show in class or I can send students to view them outside of class. Nothing to put on reserve! [added 7/16/03]

The Two Nations of Black America[added 11/07/02]

Holocaust teaching guide - hundreds of images, videos and other resources

Sexual Orientation

Answering questions about gays - (6:06) In response to India's recent recriminalization of homosexual behavior, an Indian comedian produced this amusing piece about anti-gay beliefs.[added 2/20/14]

French version of the "It gets better" videos for gays struggling with their lives - (1:50)[added 2/20/14]

History of Britain's changing attitudes towards gays since 1950s - (3:31)[added 8/19/13]

Anti-hate video - (1:20)[added 8/19/13]

"Jimmy Kimmel tests the audience's gaydar" - (4:16)[added 8/19/13]

"That's so gay" - (5:30) good commentary on the use of such language [added 8/19/13]

Gay men will marry your girlfriends unless... - (2:32) Humorous video of gay men explaining how they will marry straight men's girlfriends if they don't support same-sex marriage. Here - (3:43) is a response video from straight men: "Go ahead!" [added 12/07/12]

Expedia creates dramatic ad for marriage equality - (3:20)[added 12/07/12]

Best of Stewart and Colbert on gay marriage - (2:24) Here's a good collection of bits from The Daily Show and the Colbert Report on the topic.[added 6/27/12]

Blaming the victim - (5:10) Stephen Colbert, poking fun at some comments, provides an amusing take on this as he advises gays "It's up to you to keep us from discriminating." [added 6/26/12]

NHL players push to reduce homophobia in hockey - (1:01)[added 6/26/12]

LGBT teens put out "like trash" - a story in Miami, FL about LGBT homelessness and rejection at home [added 6/25/12]

"Teen's powerful anti-bullying video" - (4:36) very compelling [added 1/21/12]

Ad for same-sex marriage - (1:56) from Australia[added 1/21/12]

Gay mayoral candidate releases first ad with own child - (0:33) [added 1/21/12]

"It gets better": Stephen Colbert - (2:23)[added 1/20/12]

San Francisco Giants and ItGetsBetter.org - (0:58) The Giants are the first professional sports team to create a video for the It Gets Better Project. The purpose of the project is described this way on the site: "Many LGBT youth can't picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They can't imagine a future for themselves. So let's show them what our lives are like, let's show them what the future may hold in store for them." [added 8/14/11]

Therapy to change "feminine" boy - (8:56) CNN report about a sad but interesting case of a government-funded program to eliminate a boy's feminine behavior [added 8/14/11]

Humorous mockumentary for a gay Canadian rugby team - (3:01)[added 8/14/11]

NHL hockey player's support for marriage equality, and reaction - Sean Avery joined the Campaign for Marriage Equality in New York; read an agent's reaction. A video Avery created for it is included. Also included is a "It gets better" video from a famous rugby player. See more about the It Gets Better project below. [added 8/14/11]

It Gets Better Project - Videos from LGBT individuals letting others know that their lives can get better. "Many LGBT youth can't picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They can't imagine a future for themselves. So let's show them what our lives are like, let's show them what the future may hold in store for them." [added 8/14/11]

Boys Beware (1961) - (10:12) "Anti-homosexual film targeted at teenage boys, urging them to avoid encounters with potential molesters." [added 4/24/11]

Defense of gay marriage - (3:01) "A 19-year-old University of Iowa engineering student defended gay marriage in a rousing testimony in front of the Iowa House of Representatives this week."[added 4/24/11]

Inconsistency, contradiction, and prejudice - (5:18) amusing Daily Show clip about John McCain's repeated inconsistent statements on allowing homosexuals in the military that likely reveal and protect a prejudice[added 12/16/10]

"Everything but marriage" in the state of Washington - (5:48) An amusing piece by Stephen Colbert skewering those who are opposed to Washington's passed legislation to give gay and lesbian partners all the rights of a married couple [added 1/15/10]

Bank ad with transgender theme - (1:16) From Argentina, a very sensitive ad -- would it play in your country? [added 7/3/09]

"That's so gay" -- harmless or harmful? - (1:05) This site makes the point that phrases like "that's so gay" are offensive. Watch some very effective commercials illustrating the point. I particularly like the "that's so Emma and Julia" one. [added 7/3/09]

First openly transgender mayor in U.S. - (1:45) see video story [3/29/09]

Snickers runs another "homophobic TV ad" - (0:31)[added 3/22/09]

Twee Vaders - (2:58) A young boy signs a song about having two fathers and some of the discrimination he faces. The song is apparently in Dutch with English subtitles. To our Dutch readers, what is the cultural acceptance of such in a song in your country, if it is from your country? [added 12/27/06]

Assault on Gay America - the five-minute video excerpt from this program is an excellent clip to show in class addressing some of the motivation behind these hate crimes [added 11/07/02]


"Lewd" video gets Navy captain relieved of duty - [added 4/24/11]

Other Videos


"I got fat-shamed on my morning commute" - (8:18) Weightism is still an acceptable form of prejudice.  Here's a couple more examples. [added 7/21/15]


Another example that fat-shaming is still "okay" - (1:20) On a national sportscast, Charles Barkley and cohosts make fun of the weight of women in San Antonio.  Would Donald Sterling be losing his Los Angeles Clippers team if he had told his girlfriend not to post pictures of herself with an overweight person?  What other groups could he have got away with disparaging? [added 7/21/15]

Ford's response to Cadillac ad - (1:01) A couple issues ago I sent you a link to a Cadillac ad that seemed to promote just-world beliefs.  This Ford ad is a nice response.  The link also includes the original Cadillac ad. [added 7/21/15]

Weightism last acceptable form of prejudice? - (3:03) This article and accompanying trailer for a new documentary on "plus-size models" raises some interesting questions. [added 7/21/15]

Stereotyping of Iowans - (1:51) Amusing video put out during the Iowa caucases, or is that caucasi? Warning: Some strong language. I know, who thought Iowans talked that way?[added 6/25/12]

Muslim TV show not stereotypical enough - (5:00) Amusing Daily Show clip about people who are protesting the TV show All-American Muslims because it is portraying some Muslims as non-terrorists. Seriously. [added 6/25/12]

Harassment of Muslim-Americans

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