Bristol Myers Squibb Childrens Hospital Pediatric Residency Personal Statement

Knowledge of and experience in public health and relationship management of public and private philanthropy; skills in planning, organizing, integrating information, making decisions, and attaining results; detail oriented, good organizational traits; excellent clinical and communications skills, including extensive experience in public speaking to clinical, research, and community audiences. Candidate must have strong interpersonal and leadership skills, self-motivation, and high personal integrity and ethics. Candidate must have strong written and verbal communication skills and must have experience writing for and publication in both the professional and lay literature; understanding and effective use of English and research technical language; and computer literacy.

Pediatrics/Family Medicine
As mentioned above, the candidate must have education, training, board certification, and clinical experience in pediatric medicine. This is required on multiple levels. First, clinical research will be done involving children and oversight of such work requires expertise in child health and familiarity with both research in and practice of pediatric medicine for both safety and quality reasons. Second, much work will be done building relationships with pediatricians, health systems serving children and families, and researchers in child health. Status in these communities as a pediatrician, ability to fluently speak the language of these stakeholders, and understanding of the potential challenges and opportunities in those communities is critical. Finally, the presence of a board-certified pediatrician as the voice and face of the Institute in communicating with the public on child health issues will bring a strong sense of validity, trust, and competence to the work of the Institute.

Public Health
Much of the work of the IFNH and the NJHKI is focused on systems-building and the health of populations. Thus, many conversations will take place and relationships will be built with experts and organizations in these fields. This requires someone who has the formal training in public health to both speak the language and tread comfortably in the world of public and population health. Having the formal degree brings with it a validation of stature and status as well as an indication of membership in this community of professionals.

Sustainability is an important expectation of the IFNH and NJHKI and fund-raising will be an important part of the work of the medical director. Thus, frequent interactions with representatives of the philanthropy community will be required. It can often be very difficult to both gain entry to as well as navigate the halls of philanthropy without contacts in and understanding of the policies and processes of philanthropic organizations. Having an individual who has worked in philanthropy and has intimate knowledge of that community and its interests is a valuable component of success in fundraising.

Shalini Shah, PL-1

Shalini was born and raised in Coventry, RI with the beach, Del's Lemonade, and the big blue bug all just a hop, skip, and a jump away. She moved to Massachusetts with her family just prior to beginning her undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she studied biology. There she became passionate about public health, climate change, medicine, and hockey (go Riverhawks!). She was part of a group who spearheaded the university’s first ever Relay for Life and participated in neurobiology research, child advocacy projects in Massachusetts, and studied integrative medicine and cultural competency in healthcare models for her Honors' thesis. She spent the semester prior to medical school working as a pharmacy technician and spent an extended time in Dakor, India visiting her grandmother. She then attended the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, where she volunteered at the local elementary school and free clinic, and fell in love with the beauty and people of coastal Maine. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, cooking, travel, visiting the beach, and spending time with friends and family. She is excited to return back to the UMass system and find her path within pediatrics!

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